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Metadynea Austria has decades of experience in adhesives for the woodworking and the paper saturation industry. We have know-how in different kinds of binders but most expertise we have gained in formaldehyde based resins. This knowledge is applied in our advanced industrial resin production.

High level of automation and the possibility to precisely adjust every batch results in high quality resins with a high stability of parameters from batch to batch. Thus, our customers are able to work without any adjustments in their process from one delivery to another.

Our plant laboratories are equipped with the most modern equipment to make precise measurements not only to fulfil the standard requirements but also to follow and control non-standard quality parameters of resins like real-time monitoring of resin parameters during synthesis.

Metadynea’s R&D center in Krems has the most modern analytical equipment, laboratory sized reactors for trial synthesis, and application equipment that allows us to test resin properties and to simulate industrial processes.

Metadynea Austria continuously develops its products to maintain the leading position in our markets. We constantly invest in the improvement of existing processes and in the development of new resins.

UF Board Resins

UF resins and adhesives are classified as thermosetting polymers and are produced by a condensation polymerization reaction between urea and formaldehyde. These UF polymers have proven to be excellent adhesives for wooden materials. Due to their high reactivity and cost efficiency, they are the most popular binders for interior products.

Metadynea delivers UF resins and adhesives in liquid form with a wide range in viscosity, solids content, and molar ratio. When needed Metadynea tailor-makes products for each customer. This customizing involves designing the resin for the viscosity, solids content, reactivity, tack, and emission properties to meet the specified process and environmental needs.

Our UF products are environmentally friendly and capable of meeting or exceeding the various performance criteria required by the different standards of ANSI, NPA, ASTM, EN, and ISO.

MUF Resins

MUF resins and adhesives are classified as thermosetting polymers produced by a condensation reaction between melamine, urea and formaldehyde. These MUF polymers can be formulated to provide various degrees of water and weather resistance for use in exterior, humid and indoor climate. Added variation in viscosity and reactivity give these resins a wide application area, greatly exceeding that of UF resins.

Metadynea manufactures MUF resins in liquid form. The products are designed for use in the production of wood-based panels. Where applicable, our MUF products have been tested and approved by official testing bodies for use in the building industry.

Metadynea has developed a wide range of resin technologies to offer the best possible solution for the different process conditions employed by a variety of customers. Metadynea’s MUF resins and adhesives can be modified to meet specific plant performance criteria, including formaldehyde emission requirements, reactivity, tack, assembly time and physical properties. Our MUF products are environmentally friendly and capable of meeting or exceeding the various performance criteria required by the different standards like ANSI, NPA, ASTM, EN, and ISO.

MF Impregnation Resins

Melamine-Formaldehyde (MF) resins are aqueous solutions of rather low molecular condensation products of melamine and formaldehyde, in many cases modified with certain functional additives to achieve certain properties in the finished product (e.g. furniture, laminate floor).

After final curing in the press the MF surface provides good thermal stability, optical properties (transparency), water and chemical resistance and surface hardness to finished good.

Decorative, backing and overlay papers (also fortified), filled with melamine resin, are used for direct lamination on particle boards or similar for the furniture and flooring market as well for boards decorated with HPL and CPL, used in applications with heavy demands on chemical and mechanical resistance and hygienic properties of surfaces, e.g. kitchen, lab, hospitals, etc.

Metadynea’s MF resins are characterized by 52 – 68% solid content, excellent penetration properties and a colorless and clear appearance.

UF Impregnation Resins

Urea-Formaldehyde (UF) resins are aqueous solutions of low molecular condensation products of urea and formaldehyde. As a consequence of their chemical nature, UF resins show higher susceptibility to hydrolysis and a lower heat resistance as MF resins. Generally speaking, and due to cost advantages compared to MF resins, UF resins are used either pure or in blends with MF resins in two stage impregnation processes for saturating the core of the decorative paper prior to coating with MF resins (e.g. for furniture production). For production of paper based finished foils, pre-impregnated papers and sometimes for edge-banding materials, UF resins are used. Depending on the final application, the UF resin is then blended with acrylic emulsions.

Metadynea’s UF resins are characterised by 50 – 60 % solid content, excellent penetration properties, a clear and colourless appearance. The portfolio is rounded up by low emission resins, enabling our customers to produce low formaldehyde emitting surfacing materials down to 1/3 E1 without MF surfacing.

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