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METADYNEA – Fine Chemicals with High Purity

With the knowledge of a technology leader

Based on its own developed skills in dehydrogenation, Metadynea is a leading provider of High Purity Fine Chemicals (H.P. product line). The combination of innovative technology and experience in complex rectification leads to products which are well established in various applications like pharma, agro, colorants and fragrance.

A full range of linear aldehydes

Decades of practical knowledge transforming methanol to formaldehyde, Metadynea produces n-aldehydes out of respective n-alcohols:

C6 – Hexanal Toco
CAS: 66-25-1  Technical Data Sheet (38.13 KB)
C6 – Hexanal HP CAS: 66-25-1  Technical Data Sheet (38.65 KB)
C8 – Octanal PQ CAS: 124-13-0 Technical Data Sheet (38.3 KB)
C10 – Decanal PQ CAS: 112-31-2  Technical Data Sheet (39.07 KB)
C12 – Lauric Aldehyde HPCAS: 112-54-9  Technical Data Sheet (36.25 KB)


Using dehydrogenation / dehydratisation / oxidation as key technology Metadynea offers some rare specialties dedicated to customers purpose-built demand.

Cyclohexene CAS: 110-83-8 Technical Data Sheet (35.71 KB)
Hydroxyacetone HP CAS: 116-09-6  Technical Data Sheet (34.41 KB)
p-Cyclohexylphenol 98% CAS: 119-42-6  Technical Data Sheet (33.76 KB)
p-Cymene CAS: 99-87-6 Technical Data Sheet (41.15 KB)
Fatty Acid C6 - Hexanoic Acid CAS: 142-62-1 Technical Data Sheet (39.27 KB)
Fatty Acid C8 - Octanoic AcidCAS: 124-07-2 Technical Data Sheet (55.67 KB)
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