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Impregnation (UF – MF)


Specialty papers, such as decor, overlay, corunded overlay and backing papers, impregnated with melamine and urea resins are used for manufacturing laminates and in further processing of wood based panels.

Metadynea offers market leading melamine-formaldehyde and urea-formaldehyde resins for manufacturers of impregnated papers used for production of direct pressed laminates (LPM, furniture and laminate flooring), laminates (HPL, CPL), edge banding, finished foils, as well as for direct print applications.

Due to the long term engagement in the industry, Metadynea has an understanding of the various processes and technologies used for impregnation and lamination.
We are happy to partner with our customers to continuously improve their processes by resin development.

Impregnation Line

Metadynea’s commitment to the industry is underlined and the understanding of our industry’s processes is supported by a state-of-the-art pilot impregnation line at the Technology Center located in Krems, Austria. The pilot line is used internally for product development but also accessible by our business partners and interested third parties.

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